MOSAIC: A loving community dedicated to developing the character of Jesus in men and women, sending them out to express the hope of Christ through life and service.

It is only by the grace of God that MOSAIC is able to be or do anything. We are coming to realize that we are just a brush in the hand of the Painter. We believe there are things that are suitable for Christ Followers: We need a heart for Christ and His Church and a recognition of our own brokenness and need for transformation through the work of the Spirit in our lives.

In building the kind of community we see in Acts, we need to possess all of this; again, only by the Grace of God. We also understand that without compassion for the lost and broken, we can’t accomplish anything. So, instead of dwelling on the pessimistic lifestyle of this world, we will look beyond the hate and anger and, focusing on what Christ has done for us, we will share His Love, even with an attitude that says “whatever it takes this side of sin to share Jesus’ love and grace.”

We’re also convinced that it is essential that we are committed to the local body and its mission. At MOSAIC, we are charged with hard work in prayer, relationships, serving, and generosity as we grow into the fullness of Christ, together.

By all means, we will strive with everything we are given in this life to “give until it hurts.” MOSAIC will contend to break the typical stereotypes of church. We are together. We are responsible. We are lovingly honest.

By fulfilling the great commission, we are attempting to be purpose driven. MOSAIC will aim to develop a community of the character, heart, and attitude of Jesus; the nature of a servant.
Phil 2:1-11

We are the ones, when a door is held open, and its raining, we’re there. When you’re hurt and broken, we’re there. When you feel that there is no one to turn to, we pray that you can turn to us. When everything is falling apart, we want to help to pick up the pieces and begin to put it back together.

Built by prayer, gathered by Love, glued together with grace: We are MOSAIC