The Lowest Seat in the House

Luke 14; 22; God has established (y)our intrinsic value - Luke 12; Matt 6

Associate with those of lower position - Rom 12; James 2:4

Applying intrinsic worth/value to others - as to (ascribe) value - respect, esteem, dignify

The world seeks to diminish one’s intrinsic worth/value by applying worth to position, power, prestige. Luke 22:25; Matt 20:25; Mark 10:41-42

We have been I valued by Christ - inestimable and untarnished

○ It is ours to

Live in that truth

“Establish” and affirm that in others by treating them as such

Jesus came to restore intrinsic worth - dignity and esteem. He did this, not by wrestling for the place of power, but by humbly recognizing AND receiving His own intrinsic - as spoken of by His Father - and therefore having both the confidence and the strength to (gladly) elevate those around him.

How do we lead from this position

● Not lording - asserting dominance

● Serving - asserting value and care

We can be so committed to our own position and place we that we cripple our ability to see the needs around us - Making us unwilling or unable to render aid.

And this is not about patronizing, but in fact truly ascribing value. This is learned. We must get over our flesh’s need and desire to be the best, the first, the only, the center of attention, being needy, jealous, envious, worried and hurried…

This is the process of truly being humble. Recognizing our desperate need before God and His esteeming us by ascribing value and dignity through the life and death and resurrection of His Son - and that, on our behalf.

That it is His mercy toward us that gives us life, His mercy toward us that enables me/us to remain, His mercy toward us that invites us into the kingdom - that is His mercy as established on and by his value system.

Things to consider in developing a humble spirit…

● A sober of self – Romans 12; Matt 5:3

● An elevated view of others - Romans 12; James 2

● Developing an inclination, a taste, a desire, for the lowest seat - Luke 11

● Developing a desire to serve others - Luke 22

● Growing in confidence of one’s own identity as God, the Father, through Jesus, held/kept/affirmed by the Spirit - Eph 1&2

Not being jealous or envious by the success or position of others - Matt 6; 20; 25; Mark 10; Luke 22

● Learning to truly rejoice for the sake of others - Luke 7; Rom 12

Not being debilitated by the disappointment of “not being exalted” by others Or being seen as “the server”